Project QUARTET's diversity is what makes it stand out: in fact, the 12 buildings making up the project will play host to industrial and craftmanship activities and also to service activities and local shops. The project will cover almost 47,000 sq m .

Key figures

  • 47,000 sq m rental space including:
    30,000 sq m industrial and craft premises
    15,000 sq m office space
    2,000 sq m shop units
  • Floor plates that are interconnectable and divisible starting from units of 100 sq m
  • Usable heights
Service buildings:
3.15m to 4.65m (CDR)
Industrial buildings:
3.15m to 5.00m (CDR)
  • Floor loading: 1,000 kg on the ground floor and 500 kg on the upper storeys
  • Four tonne goods lifts
  • 370 parking spaces
  • Delivery commencing end 2017
  • Bus routes: 6, 10, 11 & 19

A special feature of the project is also the way in which it connects airy and welcoming spaces at ground level through three tree-lined inner courtyards with the flexibility of interconnected buildings on the upper floors.

Over time the site will accommodate service activities in six-storey buildings looking out directly onto the Rue de Lyon while industrial and craft activities will occupy elevated five-storey buildings served by dedicated delivery bays accessible from the Rue de Bourgogne. The site will see the light of day in stages with delivery of the first buildings planned for the end of 2017.

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